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Hollygrove Kennels welcomes dogs of all sizes and breeds at our spacious seven acre site. We have options available for both short and long term stays so no matter where you are going your dog will be looked after. We have spacious indoor kennels where your dogs are provided with fresh water and bedding which is regularly changed. Dogs are regularly fed either using our own food or using food provided by the owner. In order to ensure the dogs are kept healthy and happy they receive regular exercise within our seven acre site and we have a variety of toys to keep them occupied. Blankets are provided and we also have heat lamps for dogs that need some extra warmth.

Hollygrove Kennels have a grooming service available on request to ensure your dog is kept clean, healthy and happy during their stay.

Veterinary Services

Hollygrove Kennels have a close relationship with local veterinary services and in case of emergency we have access to an efficient on-call service. All dogs must be vaccinated and up to date, including Kennel Cough, before we take them in. A vaccination card must be supplied.


For the safety and security of all dogs at our facility we require that your dog has received all necessary vaccinations before they can stay. Ask your veterinary surgeon to recommend the vaccination programme most suitable for your dog.

DISTEMPER is a widespread, highly contagious disease. Symptoms my include fever, diarrhoea, nasal discharge, coughing and convulsions. Distemper virus infection is often fatal and recovered animals may have nervous disorders for life.

HEPATITIS may vary from a disease which is so mild that it may not be detected to one that is rapidly fatal. The hepatitis virus affects the liver, kidneys and lungs.

LEPTOSPIROSIS is a bacterial disease. There are two species of leptospira of importance in the dog. One causes kidney disease, the other a liver disease. Both types are transmissible to man.

PARAINFLUENZA is a virus associated with the complex respiratory disease sometimes known as “kennel cough.”

PARVOVIRUS is a highly contagious disease causing severe vomiting and diarrhoea and accompanied by a high death rate in young puppies.

REMEMBER there are no treatments guaranteed to cure these diseases. Prevention is better than cure. Make sure that your puppy is vaccinated and receives regular booster vaccinations to maintain your dog’s immunity. These are especially important if your dog is to stay in a boarding kennel.

For other aspects of your dog’s health and welfare, ask your veterinary surgeon for advice.

If you are interested in using our kennel services please make an appointment to view our facilities.

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