Opening Hours

Drop Off and Collection of Dogs
10am – 11am – 7 Days.
5pm to 7pm - 7 Days.
Including Bank Holidays

Why Choose Hollygrove Kennels?

  • Exceptional Facilities: we at Hollygrove Kennels take immense pride in our kennel facilities which are spread across seven acres of countryside. We maintain extremely high levels of hygiene and have invested in state of the art security measures, including CCTV and alarm systems, to ensure all dogs staying at our kennel facilities are kept safe. Our kennels are large, comfortable and heated, with an average size of 10ft by 11ft.

  • Healthy Dogs: we take the health of all dogs staying at our kennel facilities very seriously. We do not allow dogs who have not received up to date vaccinations to stay at our kennels, as this can jeopardise the health of other dogs present here. We also have a strong working relationship with local veterinary services, meaning, should the need arise, we have access to an efficient on-call veterinary service.

  • Safe & Secure: we have invested in high-tech security systems, which include CCTV systems, to ensure all dogs staying at our kennels are closely monitored and kept safe and secure at all times. We at Hollygrove Kennels are proud to have some of the most secure kennel facilities available in Ireland.

If you are interested in using our kennel services please make an appointment to view our facilities.