What Should I Do Before Bringing My Dog To A Boarding Kennel?

If you’re a dog lover like us, you’ll know that a dog isn’t simply a pet, but is also a beloved member of the family. Despite our universal love of our furry friends, however, not all holiday destinations will allow you to bring a pooch in tow, so finding a great boarding kennel facility is a must for pet owners heading off on vacation. If you’re planning a holiday or break and need to prepare your dog for their stay at a boarding kennel facility, here’s some tips about what to do to in preparation for you pup’s stay at the kennels.

Dog Vaccinations

If this is your dog’s first time staying in a kennel facility, it may come as a surprise to you to learn that having your dog’s vaccinations up to date is an absolutely vital part of planning your pet’s stay. Because kennel facilities often hold many dogs at a time, ensuring that your pet and the other pooches around him/her are safe from infectious diseases such as kennel cough is vital. Kennel Cough vaccinations are a very straightforward procedure which can be done by all Dublin Veterinary services, and usually aren’t too expensive. If your dog has all of their regular vaccinations, chances are that they’re covered already! All professional boarding kennels will require your dog to have their vaccinations up to date- if they don’t, they are not taking the health and safety of their canine residents seriously. If your pup is planning a stay at Dublin’s Hollygrove Kennels, it’s important to make sure that their vaccinations are up to date to protect their health and the health of their fellow lodgers, and make their stay as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Dog Maintenance

Some of our customer’s pooches are high-maintenance pups, which is something that Hollygrove Kennels respects and understands. If you’re known for giving your dog a little extra TLC and pampering, it’s a good idea to make a note of this so that we can continue this treatment during their stay. While all dogs are treated with the best care possible here at Hollygrove Kennels, we don’t mind going the extra mile for dogs with additional needs. Our regular dog maintenance services include high-quality food, regular exercise, regular affection and petting, and warm, comfortable bedding and kennel facilities. Should your pooch require specialist Dublin veterinary services, such as medication administration or grooming, however, we can help. Our professional kennel staff are trained, qualified, and experienced in specialist dog maintenance and care and will do everything in our power to make your pup with specialist requirements feel pampered during their stay. We also work closely with local Dublin Veterinary services to ensure that your dog is protected throughout their stay in the unlikely event of a medical emergency.

Visit Hollygrove Kennels Kennel Boarding Facility

Here at Hollygrove Kennels, we’re exceptionally proud of the quality of our boarding facilities, which is why we invite dog owners to visit our Dublin kennels facility before checking their dog in for a stay at the boarding kennels. We offer some of the best dog kennels in Dublin from our Newcastle premises, providing plenty of outdoor space as well as clean, comfortable, warm, and soft kennel facilities for dogs of all sizes and breeds. When visiting our boarding facilities, you can get a first-hand look into the quality that we pride ourselves on and give yourself peace of mind that your beloved pooch will be happy, healthy, and cared for during their stay here at the kennel. We provide both long term and short term kennel facilities for dogs, putting their health and happiness at the heart of absolutely everything that we do.

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