The Importance of Dog Vaccinations

There was a time when thousand of dogs a year would die from infectious diseases, before vaccinations became one of the greatest success stories of veterinary medicine, saving the lives of countless dogs. We at Hollygrove Kennels are great advocates for vaccinations and, for the safety of all dogs boarding with us, we do not accept dogs who have not received their proper vaccinations, as this would pose a risk to the health of other dogs in our facilities.

Should I Vaccinate My Dog?

It is important to consider that many of the diseases vaccinations prevent are potentially fatal, e.g. a dog carrying the parvovirus is at a substantial risk of dying. Vaccination is the only way to prevent these infectious diseases, so it is vitally important that you take your dog to receive all of their vet recommended vaccinations and we also recommend scheduling annual boosters.

Aren’t The Diseases Eradicated?

No. Infectious diseases such as parvovirus, hepatitis, etc. are still present, although at a much reduced rate. The only way to guarantee your dog is safe from these potentially fatal diseases is to take them for their vet recommended vaccinations. Without vaccinations, your dog will be unable to board in almost any kennel facility - this is to ensure the health and safety of all dogs who are staying with us.
For more information on dog vaccinations, speak with your local veterinary surgeon. If you would like to learn more about our dog boarding policies, please contact us.

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