The Importance of Dog Maintenance in Boarding Kennels

It can be daunting to leave your beloved pet in a dog kennels facility while you and your family are away from home, especially if you’re unsure of the level of care your pup will receive. Here at Hollygrove Kennels, our team understands how important it is to treat boarding dogs the same way that we would treat our own, which is why we place dog maintenance at the heart of everything we do. From our outdoor play areas to our cosy, clean and warm kennels, making your dog happy is our end goal here at our professional Dublin dog boarding kennels. In this piece, we will detail our ethos about how we ensure that your dog’s needs are catered for physically and emotionally, with a variety of activities and amenities available to make your dog feel as though they’re right at home in our boarding kennels.

Your Dog’s Physical Wellbeing

As active animals, keeping dogs fit and healthy is a must, especially when they’re in an unfamiliar environment like a boarding kennel facility. If your dog is anxious, bored, or tired, a run-around and playtime is the perfect remedy to have them feeling active, happy, and energised again. Here at Hollygrove Kennels we offer large outdoor runs and play areas for all of our boarding dogs, allowing them to get plenty of fresh air and exercise throughout the day. Our team of kennel-staff-come-dog-lovers are always on hand to play fetch or tug-of-war with your dogs, also. Hollygrove Kennels’ boarding facility is built on a stunning 7 acres of land to ensure your pooch has space to play, run, and interact with other dogs. Following a busy day of play, your dog can relax in our state-of-the-art dog kennels which are equipped with cosy dog beds and warm heat lamps to ensure a great night’s rest.

Your Dog’s Emotional Wellbeing

Like us humans, physical wellbeing is only one part of a dog’s overall health, and it’s important to always pay attention to their emotional wellbeing, too. As trained dog experts, our professional staff here at Hollygrove Kennels knows what it takes when it comes to making your pup feel comfortable, happy, and calm in our dog kennels facility. We offer round-the-clock care for all dogs, ensuring that plenty of affection, playtimes, and support are provided to all animals in our care. We also offer specialist care for dogs who need it, with a vet on call always available and certain services, such as grooming and specialised diets are available on request. As a team of dog lovers, dog maintenance is at the very centre of everything we do at Hollygrove Kennels, acting as a comfortable home away from home that your pooch is sure to love.

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